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Cecilia Simonyi

I have studied literature, cultural anthropology, etnography, woodcarving in a magical Hungarian city called Pécs. Later I studied drawing, painting, playing and experimenting in Ghent (Belgium) at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, and still later I graduated in Óbuda School of Fine Arts (Budapest) in printmaking.

I illustrate children's books, bind books, make etchings, serigraphy, and play with ways of printmaking.

I teach courses for adults and children to help them explore their creativity and make it part of their life.

I am the co-founder of Pixis Apps, a digital publisher for socially aware children's story apps with hand painted illustrations.

I have always loved travelling, since I was a child and my parents vagabonded Europe with the 5 of us. I have lived and worked in several countries and this always was and still is the best source of artistic inspiration for me. I worked with tribal women in India, street children in Rwanda, and with a village community in Brasil.

I have learned - and am still learning - a lot from my Fellow Illustrators who form a uniquely inspirative and encouraging professional community (Illusztrátor Pajtások) in Hungary.

A bright light in my life is Samu, my son, playing and learning life with me every day.

For the beautiful photos and her ever inspiring company, a heartfelt THANK YOU to Andrea Soós. :)